RP_COVERHere’s what some folks have been saying about the new record:

“4 STARS. A thrilling and diverse collection of songs…Always difficult to categorize, the songwriting and arrangements on show here display wonderful talent and versatility by Pronsky and Bennett.” – R2

“A dazzling brilliance to compose and sing …The emotion in her voice, her inspired songwriting, and the moving force of her songs are the best parts.“Shadow” is a song inspired by various readings on the Big Bang and dark matter, but also on the most remote areas of the heart and soul. Wonderful… introspective, almost existential.” — LOFF.IT

“Nice new album. She really does mix up the styles but one thing for sure, she’s a fine singer/songwriter.” — MARIE CRICHTON, HOST OF “COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW”, BBC HEREFORD & WORCESTER

“An even more assured album that shows her growing musical maturity and emotional depth.” — FATEA

“This is a record that deserves attention. Rebecca Pronsky makes music that moves and intrigues.  Opener “Bag Of Bones” makes an immediate impression. In the album’s 39 minutes, Rebecca Pronsky conveys a very versatile sound… In the more country-oriented songs I hear sometimes from Nancy Griffith, while the folky songs sometimes reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, but on the whole Rebecca Pronsky has her own sound. The instrumentation is equally versatile. She is assisted by several musicians, including guitarist Ben Monder who shone on Bowie’s Black Star and now impresses in two of the tracks. [She does] a striking version of The Blue Nile’s beautiful Heatwave, where her voice conquers and captivates over intriguing guitar work. It is one of the many highlights on an album that I find to be among the surprises of 2016.” — DE KRENTEN HIT DE POP

“I love it when an album has such great fluidity with each song carrying naturally into the next, yet retaining individuality. We thrive on presenting new material from highly creative musicians such as you.” — MARK TOBLER, AMERICANA MUSIC DIRECTOR, WTUL 91.5FM

“I am enjoying the album – there is timeless quality to it and it encourages retrospection.” — ADAM KUKIC, HOST OF “COFFEEHOUSE CONVERSATIONS”, WYEP 91.3FM

“There’s something in this woman’s voice which reminds me so much of the fantastic female members of The Rankin Family and that’s saying something. It’s a great voice. And ‘Snowing Sideways’ — I loved every second of that.” – FRANK HENNESSY, BBC RADIO WALES

“The general tone of the album is defined by austerity with limited orchestration only where really necessary… This allows the beautiful voice of Rebecca Pronsky to get all the attention it deserves and that is perhaps the most important conclusion about the new album “Known Objects”: This lady can sing really beautifully and writes very interesting songs.” — ROOTSTIME.BE

“The production has managed to achieve the perfect balance of sounding polished whilst maintaining a laid back, relaxed feel about its presentation. It is interesting to note that whilst Pronsky’s vocals are unmistakably her, they sound different, somehow. There is a depth, a maturity, an emotion, that I have not previously detected. It strikes me that she seems more comfortable, more confident, more relaxed, as if she has really worked out who she is as as a musician, which most definitely comes across in her delivery. The CD is strong, full of self penned tracks, weaving together country, folk, Americana, rock and pop sounds and influences.” — NE:MM

Hi folks,
My new record “Known Objects” has been out in the universe now for a couple weeks and I figured it’s time to release a video for my favorite song on the album “Shadow.” The song was inspired by a visit to the Hayden Planetarium’s exhibit on dark matter, so fittingly, the video is a montage of footage from old NASA reels and 1920s school science films:

Something extra special about this song is that it features legendary jazz guitarist Ben Monder, whose delicate, ambient playing on the song calls to mind astonomy and science museum movies from the 70s and 80s. I’m especially proud of this song and it’s always fun to make a video.
Hope you enjoy!