knownobjectspackagingKnown Objects comes out Friday!

Thanks so much to the following radio stations for the early airplay. In the US: WFUV, WFMU, WDVX, WFDU, WTMD, WSCA, WERU, WMSC, WMFO, WEFT, WYCE, WRRW, WVIA, KLCC, KBCS, KRVM, KDNK and in the UK & Europe: BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales, ALL FM 96.9, Amazing Radio, RTV Purmerend, Celtic Music Radio, KX Radio, Roots & Fusion, Radio Capelle, Radio Mol, Radio Parkstad, Swindon 105.5, Radio Summerhall, KA Radio, Meridian FM, Ems Vechte Welle.

Folks who would like to make sure they have the record the day it’s out can pre-order on iTunes or buy the physical CD.

IMG_2503Thanks to everyone who joined us in NYC for the CD release show at Jalopy Theatre. You all got to hear and buy the record before the official release date.

Coming up in May, June, and July we’ll be doing shows around the northeast. In October we’ll be touring down south. More dates to come.

Hello good folks,

How ARE you? I want to tell you what an insane snowstorm we had here, but the truth is, I went to Mexico for a week and completely missed it. Best timing ever!

A bit last minute, but in just a couple weeks, we will be heading out to the Midwest to do a few shows supporting the wonderful Shawn Colvin:

Tue Feb 16 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark tickets
Wed Feb 17 Рday off: Grand Rapids, MI РWonder Wagon House Concert
Thu Feb 18 – Grand Rapids, MI – St. Cecilia’s tickets
Fri Feb 19 – Evanston, IL – Space tickets
Sat Feb 20 – Evanston, IL – Space tickets

I haven’t played in some of these places, well, ever. So that’s exciting.

RP_COVERThe new record “Known Objects” is nearly done. Release date is May 6 with copies available at shows and via pre-order in April.

We’ll get back on the road again in spring to do CD release shows. I’ve booked a few so far and more are to come. If you have a venue you’d like to see us at or a house concert you recommend, please get in touch.

Until then,