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Witness: Hillary's SONG CYCLE

"The songs strive to get inside Clinton’s head and talk about what the loss might have really felt like for her, on a personal rather than political level." - BUST MAGAZINE

Rebecca's new project  is a concept album and live cabaret show that imagines the inner world of Hillary Clinton in the weeks following the 2016 election.

The album

The songs of "Witness" were originally recorded as a concept album and released on November 8, 2017: the one year anniversary of the 2016 election. To make the record, Rebecca was joined by an all female creative team -- from musicians, to engineer, to art & design. The songs reflect the emotional struggle of many Americans coming to terms with shock, disappointment, and sexism. 


The Show

Following the release of the album, "Witness" has continued to evolve on stage as a dynamic live cabaret show featuring Rebecca and Musical Director/pianist Deidre Rodman Struck. There are newly added songs, costumes, and dialogue. Performances of the show have raised funds for Democrats running for Congress.


The Hillary project takes its next big step this fall as "Hillary Clinton's Song Cycle: Witness", a production of FringeNYC: The New York International Fringe Festival!

"Witness" has its own website with live performance videos, press, and news: