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Rebecca's new project  is a concept album and live cabaret show that imagines the inner world of Hillary Clinton in the weeks following the 2016 election.

The album

Originally conceived as a concept albumWitness was only eight songs when it was recorded and released on CD on November 8, 2017: the one year anniversary of the 2016 election. To make the record, Rebecca was joined by an all female creative team -- from musicians, to engineer, to art & design. The songs reflect the emotional struggle of many Americans coming to terms with shock, disappointment, and sexism. 


The Show

Since the album's release, Witness has continued to evolve on stage as a dynamic live cabaret show, performed at music venues and political fundraisers. New songs, costumes, and dialogue have been added to round out Hillary's journey of regret, rage and recovery. Rebecca is joined on stage by Musical Director and pianist Deidre Rodman Struck. Deidre is the perfect foil to Rebecca’s Hillary, with the two musicians playing effortlessly off each other in a whimsical and irreverent spectacle that is also surprisingly poignant.


This fall, Witness finally comes to the theatre in full as part of Fringe NYC - The NY International Fringe Festival and Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore. Director Irene Carroll joins the show to lend her expertise as a mainstay in the New York comedy scene and the former Artistic Director of Gotham City Improv. Audiences will meet the Hillary Clinton they never knew: sassy, sarcastic and uncensored! Catharsis guaranteed, pantsuit optional.

"Witness" has its own website with live performance videos, press, and news: