I just did a rehearsal for my new project and I am SO jazzed and thrilled to announce that I will be recording a new album in July:

Witness: The Hillary Song Cycle

Imagining the inner world of Hillary Clinton in the weeks following the election.


I am fundraising on Kickstarter to make this happen. Everyone who donates gets the record early, before the official release, plus other limited edition gifts like a poster signed by the entire female creative team, sheet music, tickets to the release show, etc. 

About the new record:

After the election, Hillary Clinton all but disappeared. I worried about her and wondered what she was feeling, thinking, how she was coping. I began writing songs from her point of view, an inner monologue of her life during that mysterious time.

In "Witness" we follow Hillary as she goes for walks in the woods, wrestles with the voices of her doubters, dances in her living room barefoot, and swears... a lot. Her monologue travels from disbelief to depression, rage to grief, and acceptance to hope.

An all female creative team:

Rehearsal with our "spirit animal". From left: Mary Feaster, Viva DeConcini, Rebecca Pronsky, Deidre Rodman Struck, Heather Wagner

One of the best things about the new album is that the creative team will be all female. I've assembled a dream team of female talent and I could not be more excited about that.

We will be recording the album over the summer, for release on November 8, 2017 (the one year anniversary of the election).

Thank you so much!